I am tired to tears of tweets.

I want a long story
full of narrative twists
and wondering what the motivation
of some character is.

I want a persuasive argument
that weighs opposing sides
without instant
condemnation or approval,
and recognizes values that inform
different points of view.

I want a subtle sermon
that only jolts me awake
hours later when I am walking the dog.

I want a conversation
that could never be called a chat –
one where people
who respect one another
can let some silences settle
and consider
the words to come next.

I want a symphony,
rather than a jingle,
a photograph of the Grand Canyon
that is not a selfie,

a long community mural
on a city wall,
a commitment to therapy
in an imperfect relationship,
the beginnings of negotiation
that will not garner political perks
for maybe years,

the accompaniment
of those who have faced
natural disasters beyond photo op
and into life.

Increased character limit
was not what I had in mind.

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10 Responses to I am tired to tears of tweets.

  1. Nicolette Wellington says:

    Thank you, Maren! Nicolette Wellington

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Stephen Price says:

    Thank you. This is so right on target.

  3. Betsy says:

    Ohhhh…me to!!!

  4. Brilliant! Thanks for sharing.

  5. darla ledger says:

    yes– brilliant! I love the lines, too, about “a photograph of the Grand Canyon that isn’t a selfie…” and letting some silences settle…

  6. Jessica McArdle says:

    Agreed. Brilliant! You speak to wretched absence of genuine communication so many of us are experiencing. Bless you!

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