Hatred — In the wake of yet another mass murder in Las Vegas, NV — Guest Post by Elaine S. Gaetani

Hatred doesn’t wait for an invitation…..rather…….
Sits quietly, patiently, eternally waiting, waiting for that
Entry point
Ever so slight, the tiniest of apertures……

To sneak in disguised as comfort, a warrior, a companion or courage………..saying
“Boy did (they,) (that,) (this) hurt you!! You didn’t deserve that! I will stand by you, I will protect your tender heart, I will defend you, I will guard you, and I will give you energy to fight! We’ll get them before they get us!”

Hatred sneaks in through the imperceptible cracks of self-doubt, feelings of shame or guilt, comparing one’s self to others, insecurity and especially self-loathing.
Saying, “they are so much better than you are, You could never measure up, You are inferior to them, You will never have what they have……….”
And offers you power, a false bravado, a gorgeous face, a false self, a saving face, a beautiful mask and directions on how to climb the ladder to success.

Hatred waits in times of profound suffering, reassuring you that,
“If you feel me, instead of your pain, you will not have to feel all of these emotions, if you embrace me and let me under your skin, I will give you power to go on, a purpose to fulfill, recognition for your life ……….an identity.”
Once in, Hatred spreads, throws tentacles to far regions of the heart and mind and divides country and kin.
Hatred separates and turns on the “other” and questions all that has gone before, it distorts, distracts, disorients, and exaggerates, IT colors, and clouds and confuses.
Hatred loves fear and promises safety, protection and winning. It thrives on feelings of rejection, abuse, and isolation. Hatred knows you feel unwanted, like an outcast and that you will never fit in, because you are a mistake. And promises you a sense of belonging and membership.

Hatred is all powerful and full of Power.

Except in the face of Love……..

Love that never comes uninvited, unbidden and can even be somewhat shy……….Love that seeks to enter in through Grace engaging words, events, wisdom, people, joy, sorrow, celebration, lament and life Itself to speak.
“I have loved you with an everlasting love, I have called you and you are mine.”
“Remember that the last shall be first in the Realm of Love….”
“I have loved you before you even knew me.”
“You don’t have to earn me, or prove that you are worthy of me, I love you because I have created you for Love, created you for myself, to Be Love, to be loved, to simply be. “
“I do not cost a thing, rather I am free and in Love’s Divine Economy, the more you give me away, the more I multiply and grow!”
“I can’t promise that I won’t break your heart, over and over and over again, but I can promise that with each breaking, there will be made more room for Me, until at last there is Only Me that is left, Only Love that exists, Only Love that can overcome all hatred.”

“So let me search you and Know you, let me see if there be any hatred within you and lead you to The Way everlasting…………” (psalm 139)
Love awaits your invitation, your open heart, even the tiniest of apertures:
You choose…………..You decide. Amen.

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