It’s not too late — Happy Thanksgiving

It is already Monday
It is already Thanksgiving Day
And I have been so busy
That I didn’t realize that
Time was slipping away

Life is too often like that
Time slips away
Before we are aware
Of its passing
And we are left with regrets

But today, Lord,
I will take some time
To thank you
For everything you have given me
I will take some time
To remember
The good things in my life
I will take some time
To enjoy
The people I love

I am thankful for many things
That I live in a place
Where I can walk without fear
That my cupboards are full
Sometimes too full
That I have enough
And to share

And I know that
I am graced
I know that grace
Is a gift
Nothing I have done
Merits any of what I have
It is through your grace
That I have so much
For which I am thankful

Even in the busyness, Lord,
Help me to remember this
And to give thanks
On this day and every day

Thanksgiving blessings,
Katherine Burgess

Photo Nancy Arthur Best

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2 Responses to It’s not too late — Happy Thanksgiving

  1. Thanksgiving is a lovely American concept and it’s so good that it is widely celebrated throughout North America. In case you worry how the USA is viewed by others, there are times when the world shakes it heads in disbelief but Americans generally are widely seen as appreciative people who want to share personal good fortune with others – from such attitudes USA gave the world Jaycees, Lions and Rotary, to name but a few God inspired service initiatives..

  2. Maren says:

    Thank you so much, Rosalie. In a time when many of us are so scared of but also embarrassed by our leadership that is a wonderful thing to hear.

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