Prayer for the California Fires

God of water in wine country,
God of firefighters
and neighbors rescuing neighbors,

gently wash the mourners
in your wet tears,
send still waters of the heart
with those who hunt the missing,
and serve the evacuated.

Let the trickle of living water
cool cracked lips
and lay the damp cloth of hope
on those who will begin in these next days
to search for precious things,
to plan re-building.

Pentecost is a day’s image
but baptism is for our lives.

Let the people of California
feel your long cool love.
Let the earth feel your long cool love.

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2 Responses to Prayer for the California Fires

  1. Rosemary Affeldt says:

    Just left Santa Rosa yesterday after attending a wedding Saturday evening at Paradise Ridge winery which is now burned to the ground in the wild fires. My heart aches for all the people in Napa and Sonoma Counties and all the brave first responders. Hard to get all the sights and sounds out of my head even though I am now arriving home to NH.

    Thank you for your words and thoughts and prayers. Healing will take time.

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