A Reflection on Matthew 25: 31-46

Come, you who are blessed
with a commonwealth of love and work.
Later, if you insist,
we can talk about heaven.

For I am a California fire victim
and you feed me in your back yard.

I am thirsty in Puerto Rico
and you bring clean water to me,
knowing that after a hurricane’s winds
I do not need anything more
to be thrown at me.

I am earth stripped naked,
and you name me creation –
not natural or any other kind of resource.

I am a Rohingya Muslim refugee
and you welcome me.

I am a child in Yemen
mourning my siblings, sick from cholera,
and you know my story.

I am arrested and detained,
taken from my family and friends
to be deported to certain death
in my home country –
and you walk in vigil for me,
and offer me sanctuary.

I dream every night
of running from the arena in Las Vegas
and you promise that guns like these
will never be put in the hands
of shattered people
who can become killers.

And as for you there
with the Christ-recognition problem –
too busy, you say,
too worried about your own health,
charity begins at home,
second amendment rights,
things will never change,
don’t want to offend anyone,
broken hearted,
or need to post, pin, tweet about it.

You curse yourselves.

But God says –
come here, you broken-hearted
and I will heal you.
As for the rest of you – get a life
preferably by saving one,
and come and join
the least of these, my family,

for it is not yet the end of time,
and while sheep are exceedingly awesome,
there’s a lot of head-butting
to be done
and God can take great joy
at the antics of goats.

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5 Responses to A Reflection on Matthew 25: 31-46

  1. Stephen Price says:

    There is a lot of head butting to be done. Thank you for blessing us goats with this poem.

  2. Maren says:

    And you are a great head-butter!! my friend, besides my cousin Eve who raises goats (164 Tennessee fainting goats) is always offended by scriptural goat-prejudice.

  3. Steffie Kyte says:

    Dear Maren,

    Your poems always touch me, whether they are of a serious nature or whimsical. It does seem as though there is so much to pray about these days. I have been particularly bothered by…all of the stories you mention. The reports of the Rohingya women were beyond comprehension and keep haunting me.

    Closer to home- how are Maria, David and the boys in California? I don’t know where they live in relation to the fires or even the dreadful smoke filled skies. Still hoping you will send a photo or two from the baptism !

    And finally, you all are in my prayers as you four (plus doggie) live together in your home. May there be peace everywhere … With love, Steffie

    Sent from my iPad


  4. LL says:

    Humbled to share in the work of God’s family with you.

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