Thursday Guest Post — three Voices three Poems

Katherine Burgess — a prayer that is so often forgotten

Lord, this day I thank you
For all those people
Who signed their organ donor cards
Who made it possible for others
To have a better quality of life
To live detached from machines
To live to see their children grow up
To live to love their grandchildren
I thank you that there are people
Who are now able to see
Thanks to the gift of corneas
I thank you that there are burn victims
Who have received skin grafts
To help with their healing
I thank you that there are people
Who are breathing more easily
Because of someone else’s lungs
I thank you that there are people
Who have received another heart
And can feel the rhythm of life
I thank you that some people
Are freed from dialysis
Because they have another kidney
To replace one which has failed
And I thank you for the gift of blood
Which can be shared with so many
Most of all, Lord,
I thank you for the technology
Which allows these modern miracles
So that people who have been living
Under what feels like a death sentence
Are now able to look towards
A new life

Carol Hallman responding #Me too

#Me too

It happened for the first
Time at age 5
My brother abused
My trust and my body

It happened again
With my husband
Who tried to rape
Me soon after
Our son was born

It happened again
In a congregation
Where a member
Told me I was
Attractive and he
Wanted to….

#Me too
Too many women
Too many people
Too many men who
Just don’t get it

All we want
All I want
Is to be seen
For who
I am

Beloved child
Of the Creator
Strong and faithful
Loved as I am

Created with
The same rights
The same responsibilities
As the men
Who are so quick to
Wink, to whistle, to grab

I don’t think
I am asking too
Much-but maybe
Just maybe in
Today’s world
I am

Call of the Song — Todd Jenkins (with photo that follows)

A song we all know well
called and left a message:
I’m music, written from
a particular place and time,
intended to stir human souls
to passion and magnanimity,
through both my tune and lyrics.

When I begin to fail at that task,
as the cracks and limitations of my era’s
sociocultural ignorance magnify,
don’t set off smokescreens,
dig your heels in blindly,
or deify me, for fear of loss/change.

Instead, listen to one another’s
story and experiences,
together, creating a present and future
out of which more hopeful tunes
and lyrics can be
given birth and live.

Remember, I’m here to serve
at your collective pleasure,
not to have you serve at mine.

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