All Saints Day hymn with new lyrics

Many thanks to Mark Rideout who does such a wonderful job with new hymn lyrics for this offering for All Saints Day.

I See a Song of the Saints of God
Tune: Grand Isle, Irregular, John H. Hopkins
Words: Mark A. Rideout

I see a song of the saints of God, shining the light of love.
A living web of present grace, empow’ring the world around.
They stand with the immigrant, clean up the flood,
Go where the need is for shelter and food
To bring living witness as neighbor to share
God calling for me to care.

I hear a song of the saints of God, in places both near and far.
Where children live and learn and grow in spite of the pain of war.
You see parent or teacher in park, school and street
Give purpose to living by helping them meet
In facing down power, transforming their heart.
God wants me to take my part.

I feel a song of the saints of God, where wealth and want divide.
Creation’s care in balance held, will earth, will we survive?
When people together keep atmosphere pure,
Bring justice for creatures, air, water, and earth
God’s people as stewards will truly rejoice
God help me to make wise choice.

I know a song of the saints of God, in the midst of the daily round.
As people: all colors and races and faiths, seek justice and love, I’ve found
The same hopes and purposes sought for today,
Where hunger and hatred will all pass away,
Working together, see saints selfless be
God grace us to be set free!

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