Advent — December 6, 2017

God, who does not have a long white beard,
a reins-grip on the sleigh of the world,
any kind of pointing finger
(or coal list),
bless today each human Santa Claus —

mall-santas, who need a job
or are bored with retirement,
growing their own facial hair for more pay,
smiling for photos till their faces crack,
wishing they didn’t have to
sit scared kids in their laps,
answer greedy ones,
witness some bad parenting,

and volunteers who every year
pull out a costume,
and tune up their ho-ho-ho
for fire station, children’s hospital,
correctional institution visitor’s room,
church hall, small town parade,
home for at-risk kids,

and hand out canned goods,
teddy bears and last year’s princess
to kids old enough their school friends
are getting electronics,
but who treasure the gift
of an unpaid person giving them
unconditional, undivided attention.

Give every saint nick of them love
deep as the stocking toe
of the aurora borealis,

and bless the old Bishop or Belfana
who lives in each of us. Amen.

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2 Responses to Advent — December 6, 2017

  1. mbmankin says:

    Maren, what insightful humanizing you do for all the Santa Clauses (St. Nicholas-es) who do their part to make the season what it has become in the U.S. I will now see them and think more of who is inside that red suit and how they are feeling! Hope you had a happy St. Nicholas Day!

  2. Maren says:

    I had a lovely one, Mary Beth. Thank you. I hope it is being a lovely Advent for you.

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