Guest Post — Christine MacDowall, Australia

Christine MacDowall writes this note  and the following poem. If you want to share some southern hemisphere poetry or liturgy with Christine please send it to And I can send it on … or even post it here if you are willing.

I was born in the northern hemisphere so Advent was always the time of darkening and cold. I have lived in Australia for years and years, and still find myself ‘out of season’ when Advent approaches. My friends and I are using Haphazard into Starlight by Janet Morley for our Advent meditations. This is an anthology of poetry for each day from Advent through to Epiphany, with the northern hemisphere flavour – so we are at the same time seeking southern hemisphere poetry to resonate with the growing light and warmth of our environments here.

Here is an impulsive poem I wrote at the start of Advent – I can’t wait to see how I might become more attuned to the actual landscape and weather Down under.

I come cloaked and hooded to Advent
Against dark and cold
Half-hidden by Gandalf’s grey flowing
Booted and gloved with a watchman’s lantern
Fearful of treacherous ice
Straining to hear against thick folds of worsted
The “Coming!” cry of angels
“Ready or Not!”

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