Advent — December 8, 2017, Jerusalem

In a long Christmas past,
three who were wise, three star-followers
went to Jerusalem and they were told –
this is not the place.

In our day, the wisest we have
in this country and others are saying
of Jerusalem –
this is not the place.
Placing authority in this city,
divided by a long histories of struggles,
will endanger so many.

God of mercy,
help us to protect the innocents
of Palestine and Israel. amen.

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4 Responses to Advent — December 8, 2017, Jerusalem

  1. Stephen Price says:


  2. wendy says:

    Thank you, deeply felt and prayed, Maren.

    Paz Wendy

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  3. Nathaniel C. Emens says:

    I have been to the Holy Land twice in my lifetime. I know where you took that photo of the City with the graveyard in the foreground. My tour guide who lived in the Bethlehem area was an
    Arab, Palestinian, Christian and I learned a great deal from him. I went through the Wall five years ago that separates Jerusalem from Bethlehem. The Palestinians who work in Jerusalem sometimes must wait hours before getting through the Gate in the Wall in order to go from
    Bethlehem. I saw housing that Israel installed in Palestinian land. There are many reasons
    to support the views of the Palestinians. Pray for the Palestinians. Nathaniel C. Emens

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