Advent — December 12 / Dia de Guadelupe

(In A Christmas Carol, Ebenezer Scrooge is taken by the Ghost of Christmas Present to see the Christmas Day celebration of his nephew Fred whose invitation he turned down as a waste of time.)

God, forgive me the invitations
I have rejected –
the play that seemed childish,
the food offered and the laughter,
I was too busy to enjoy.

I glimpse you at the rent party,
swinging wildly at a piñata,
willing to be foolish
acting out Christmas carol charades,

in fact, God, you pantomime
an amazing herald angel,
then all the verses of the Huron carol,
then Rudolph.

I am serious, earnest,
and certainly don’t have time for fun.

You help to puff out candles
at a child’s birthday,
while I shop online or send a gift card.

You dance the hokey pokey,
you cookie swap, you celebrate
chosen families.

On this Dia de Guadalupe,
you teach us all
that when we open our lives
they are going to be filled with roses.

(On December 12 many people, especially in Mexico, remember that Juan Diego was invited to open his tilma, his cloak, and received roses and an image of the Lady of Guadalupe.)

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