3 magi’s gifts — Doxology for Advent 3, Hot and sweating in Advent and a Dreamers Poetry

A gift from John Stuart

Gifts to share — a Doxology from Sanibel Florida, by John Danner who writes a new
doxology each week and from Rosalie Sugrue, a Kiwi, roasting in the New Zealand sun and from Yosimar Reyes asking why he must choose between country and family.

Doxology for Advent 3

TUNE: Old Hundredth TEXT: J. Danner

Rejoice, the Lord is drawing nigh,
With Mary join the song on high,
Lift heart and voice in words of cheer,
For soon the Christ child will be here!
Rev. Dr. John H. Danner

I come hot and sweating to Advent
wilting from heat and humidity
cap inadequate against the sun’s strong rays
No time to dress gaily in flimsy flowing skirts
and floppy summer-solstice headgear
There’s the barbecue to clean between
school concerts, play group parties and graduations
Summer evenings crammed with preparing…
Christmas fare and camping gear
The Way of Lord is low on the list
but children, happy in Christmas anticipation
play hide and seek in dusk’s long light
and remind us, “Coming, ready or not!”
Rosalie Sugrue

My grandmother is undocumented
my mother is undocumented
my primas are undocumented
my tios
my tias
my vecinos
all undocumented
You say I am worthy of praise because I carry your language on my tongue
because I know how to recite allegiance
you say I am worthy
because I was a kid
but I am a man now
When you ask me to choose country over family, how broken do you expect me to be? How helpless, desperate, thirsty do you expect me to be, to choose between those who gave me hope in times when you created a place unbearable to live?
How broken should I be to believe in a dream when I know the predicament of my reality?Yosimar Reyes

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2 Responses to 3 magi’s gifts — Doxology for Advent 3, Hot and sweating in Advent and a Dreamers Poetry

  1. Rosalie Sugrue says:

    Gifts from modern Magi? There’s a Maren thought if ever there was! But as always, worth pondering – like the gifts of old each of these is gathered from a different place, symbolic of a different aspect of life and all suggesting that each part of life is precious, the births, the deaths and the in betweens – is ‘valuing all life’ the true wisdom of the Magi?

  2. Maren says:

    I believe that it is!

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