Advent — December 16, 2017

You are the Host of Christmas Present,
and you say “look upon me,”

the television commercials
with new cars wrapped in bows,
tragedy and desperation in South Sudan,
a loss of net neutrality,
a Democratic win in Alabama,
and a new Star Wars movie.

Admit it — a manger is Christmas Past,
as well as a handful of shepherds,
indeterminate number of magi,
multitude of heavenly host,
also the fourth century St. Nicholas
and Tolkien’s Letters to Father Christmas,
“It’s a Wonderful Life”
and, of course, Charles Dickens.

Why wouldn’t we want to stay in the past,
O Host of Christmas Present?

because we haven’t missed it
and we are the ones who make this Christmas
a present for you,
small and with
straw and manure and holiness.

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