Advent — December 19, 2017, A curmudgeon’s chance

God, this draped, warning ghost,
of Christmas yet to come
is one of my favorite fictions,
for it comes to me.

It comes to me.
It comes to me – it’s not too late!

It’s you who come to old people
who messed up most of their chances,
un-wise men and women,
on long journeys
not to speak of weird gifts,
menopausal Liz,
angel-got-your-tongue Zach,
always in the way, Simeon,
Anna, probably with dementia,

grumpy, greedy, grim,
grasping, grinchy Scrooge …
and me.

You invite us change everything,
hang out windows to buy turkeys
for people who need
a loaf of bread,
go to dance parties
with taps on our walkers,
give to the poor,
shelter the vulnerable,
raise salaries for service jobs,

unsay what we have said,
try to undo all the harm past,
laugh and laugh,
never mind who laughs at us.
and find a source of Christmas joy
so deep and wide and true
it lasts all the year,
all our few-left precious years.

Stephen Price as the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come,
Wolf Pack Theatre Company

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4 Responses to Advent — December 19, 2017, A curmudgeon’s chance

  1. Rosalie Sugrue says:

    Great words and you look great too!

  2. Maren says:

    Thanks though I should have credited the picture to Stephen Price — First Baptist Church Hyattsville, MD!!!

  3. Stephen Price says:

    I would stand there in silence (a rarity for me, I know) and think of how the road from my past to this moment has been paved with stones of Grace. Stones laid down by faithful friends and an even more faithful God.

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