“Lo, how a rose e’er blooming — Advent words for the solstice, from Argentina

For those in the northern hemisphere facing the solstice Gerardo Oberman’s beautiful words bring joy. Since he lives in Argentina — these flowers are around him. Translator Katie Fiegenbaum who is the vegetable manager for a farm wrote this: …  Funny story, I got distracted partway through this poem and had to go buy flower seeds because there are so many great flowers he writes about!!!

“In his days justice shall flourish, and peace will abound…”
Psalm 72:7

Flowers will bloom
whose perfume will be justice;
and other flowers will have
the aroma of lost harmony.
The gardens of life
will be filled up with the scent
of the smiles,
of the hugs,
of the shared dreams
and of the baked bread
that will be enough for everyone.

And there will be spikenards of hope,
poppies of understanding,
multicolored tulips of diversity,
freesias of humility,
daisies of … I love you

There will be roses of health
carnations of new heavens,
gardenias of compassion,
hyacinths of creativity,
moringas of freedom
violets of simplicity,
peonies of tolerance,
lilies of independence,
petunias of modesty,
hydrangeas of honesty,
sunflowers of loyalty,
madonna lilies of generosity
chrysanthemums of peace,

and the jasmine flowers of Advent.


“Florecerá en sus días justicia, y muche dumbre de paz…”
Salmo 72:7, RV60

Florecerán flores
cuyo perfume será justicia;
y otras flores tendrán
el aroma de la armonía perdida.
Los jardines de la vida
se llenarán del perfume
de las sonrisas,
de los abrazos,
de los sueños compartidos
y del pan horneado
que alcanza para todos y todas.

Y habrá nardos de esperanza,
amapolas de comprensión,
tulipanes multicolores de diversidad,
fresias de humildad,
margaritas de te quieros

rosas de sanidad,
claveles de cielos nuevos,
gardenias de compasión,
jacintos de creatividad,
moringas de libertad,
violetas de simplicidad,
peonías de tolerancia,
lilas de independencia,
petunias de modestia,
hortensias de honestidad,
girasoles de lealtad,
azucenas de generosidad,
crisantemos de paz,

jazmines de Adviento.

Gerardo Oberman

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