A Christmas Carol — Christmas Eve

“He went to church and walked about the streets and watched the people hurrying to and fro … and found he took pleasure in it all.”A Christmas Carol 

God, I haven’t missed it –
the listening to Luke’s stories,

fruitcake and wrapping presents,
the lighting of candles,
giving a waitperson a stunning tip,
stuffing the bell-ringers kettle,
and making amends
on the debts of my heart.

I’ll party with anyone who asks —
even my relations,
visit a friend who doesn’t expect me,
greet someone on the street
who long may have given up on
expecting anything.

I haven’t missed it –
and now I can live a little in the past
and the present and the future,
balanced on love.

I will keep Christmas well –
March and June and gold October, too,
even Advent, when it comes again.

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2 Responses to A Christmas Carol — Christmas Eve

  1. Rosalie Sugrue says:

    I’ve just watched the latest Disney animated version of A Christmas Carol (that I recorded earlier in the week), my first ever Christmas eve alone. Having returned from an early Christmas Eve service I turned on the light in my windowsill Nativity, lit a candle for my beloved and drank enough wine for both of us, and fully agree that is what it all about – living a little in the past, the present and the future balanced on love!

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