Human Trafficking Awareness Month (USA)

You have heard that it was said –
“slaves be obedient to your earthly masters,”
and people hem and haw about context
and avoid or region-bash
how that was used in American history –

but I say, that it was never God
speaking those words then,
or in the many intervening years —
and as for now,
do not think it is an antique concern –

for in our mines and on our farms,
in our factories and in, yes, our brothels,
among migrants and refugees,
indigenous women and girls,
homeless queer youth
and poor children –
there are very many slaves.

You have heard that it was said,
“masters, treat your slaves fairly and justly,”

but I say – that cannot be done
unless you look
at your shoes and your plates,
at the streets of your cities,
the out-buildings of your farms,
and the pay-by-the-hour motels,

unless you support services
that turn victims into survivors,
call out those who profit,
name human trafficking in our midst.
Even then look in the mirror
and repent the master there.

These are not God’s words, either,
far from it,
but I do know where to find Jesus –
for human trafficking shows us
who are — the very least of these.

(The United Church of Christ has designated January 11 (or nearest Sunday) Human Trafficking Awareness Day in the month established by President Barak Obama. The text I am citing is Colossians 3:22-4:1)

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4 Responses to Human Trafficking Awareness Month (USA)

  1. Nathaniel C. Emens says:

    Well said and thanks for making me aware of this human trafficking that still exists.

  2. Maren says:

    It seems like sometimes we should be able to eliminate this scourge.

  3. There are more slaves in the world today than at any other time. Incredible!! Wow. -We may choose to look the other way but we cannot say we did not know.

    • Maren says:

      Thank you for stopping by this blog and for your caring about human trafficking. It is hidden and invasive and for those who are in this slavery terribly, terribly hard to escape.

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