And God said — I have a dreamer!

And God said – I have a dreamer,
Jacob who saw a ladder of angels,
and Joseph, a future painted
in sheaves and stars,

Another Joseph slept
many years later
and came to understand
his strange and wondrous fostering
and a refugee journey.

Cornelius dreamed of
God’s door open to strangers
and Peter of God’s table so wide
all the world can eat.

God also said – I have a dreamer
and his name is Martin
who dreamed
his four little children
one day would live in a nation
not to be judged
by the color of their skin
but by the content of their character.

Finally God said –
I have these new dreamers
and they came to America
as children and have grown up
in Martin’s land,

rich in gifts, bright in hope,
believing in the open door,
at the end of the journey,

trusting that for them
there would be
a future of many stars shining,
their characters honored,
and a table spread
with a banquet of welcome.

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