A Child Laughs — A Prayer for Refugees from Germany

A Child Laughs — Prayers of Justice and Hope (edited by Maria Mankin and Maren C. Tirabassi) Pilgrim Press, May 1, 2017, asks the question — what does it take for all the children in the world, to be not only fed and sheltered and safe but also to be able to laugh. More than one hundred themes and issues crucial to hope and justice were crowd-sourced to create this collaborative anthology of fifty-two reflections from seventy-seven writers in eleven different countries. Of course I would love to have my readers buy this book, but even more I want you to hear some of these voices, each so very different. So every week I share a prayer or reflection or poem from one of these. 

This week I share a prayer for refugees by Detlev Knoche who write both individual prayers and a chapter with Marian Shearer on Just Water. Detlev says this of himself,”I was born in 1958 and am pastor of the Protestant Church in Hesse and Nassau (EKHN), director of the Ecumenical Center of EKHN and of the Evangelical Church of Kurhessen-Waldeck, and Ecumenical Liaison Officer of EKHN.Here, first in German and then in English.


Guter Gott,
Wir danken Dir für unsere weltweiten ökumenischen Beziehungen
und für unsere Schwestern und Brüder in allen Teilen dieser Welt. Du willst uns ein Leben in Fülle schenken,
aber dies Leben wird immer wieder verletzt und eingeschränkt:
da wo Gewalt, Terror, und Krieg herrschen,
da wo sich Menschen mit Waffen bekämpfen—
mit Waffen die auch in unserem Land produziert werden. Guter Gott,
Wir bitten für alle Opfer von Kriegen und Bürgerkriegen; Wir bitten Dich um Deine Kraft für alle, die sich gegen die
Waffenexporte einsetzen
und für Frieden, Gerechtigkeit, und die Bewahrung der Schöpfung
eintreten. Guter Gott,
Dein eigener Sohn Jesus Christus war ein Flüchtling.
Wir bitten für alle Menschen die vor Kriegen, Unterdrückung,
oder vor Armut fliehen. Sei ihnen nahe! Guter Gott,
wir beten für unsere Regierung dass sie unsere Grenzen öffnen für all die Menschen die einen sicheren Platz und Hilfe suchen.

Gracious God,
We are thankful for world-wide ecumenical fellowship
and for our sisters and brothers all around the world. God, you want to grant us a life in fullness, but it is restricted where violence, terror, and war rule,
where human beings fight against each other with weapons— with weapons also produced in our own country.
Gracious God,
we pray for all the victims of wars and civil wars;
we ask you to strengthen us in the struggles against arms exports
and to stand for peace, justice, and the integrity of creation.
Gracious God,
your Son Jesus Christ himself was a refugee. We pray for all those who
flee from war, persecution or out of poverty. Be close to them. God, we pray for our government that they may open our borders to
those who need safe refuge and help. Amen!

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4 Responses to A Child Laughs — A Prayer for Refugees from Germany

  1. indeed thank you beautiful

  2. Maren says:

    Thank you so much.

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