Prayer for Marshall County High School

God, you wipe the tears
of your broken-hearted ones,
even when you know that more tears
will fall tonight and tomorrow,
on birthdays and game nights,
on Christmases
and anonymous summer days
for many years to come.

Sit with the families and young friends
who mourn today
two fifteen-year old children.
Hold tenderly those in the hospitals,
some being cared for,
some waiting with them,
and others with skills and sad eyes.
Ease the breathing
of teens who will always remember
how they ran frantic
to a McDonalds for safety.

Walk the high school halls
tomorrow with grief counselors,
responding to the fears of young people,
broken sleep and sinking depression.
Listen to the talk, talk, talk kids,
and listen to the silent ones.
Help teachers excavate
the right word, pastors preach hope,
coaches judge who needs
to be active and who needs to sit.

Sit as well, O God, as few will,
with the young shooter, his parents.
those in law enforcement,
and those who will hear his story.

Guide leaders into wisdom
this sad evening and these next days,
and, please, God,
teach every one of us
the holy kindness
of receiving all the tears yet to come. amen

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6 Responses to Prayer for Marshall County High School

  1. dabar96 says:

    My God, our God, creator God, have we forsaken them?!

  2. Maren says:

    We have — it is what the 14th shooting since the New Year??? Our poor children.

  3. Maren says:

    Can you write it, Poet?

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