Transfiguration, 2018

It’s such a small detail in the shiny story –
getting to talk to folks
who have been gone a long time.

I would like Harriet Tubman, please,
that Moses
to walk and talk with me.
I want Langston Hughes,
dreams deferred in a still small voice.

Heck, I want Mark Twain,
Shakespeare and Emily Dickinson,
Susan B. Anthony, Cesar Chavez,
and Rosa Parks.
I promise not to keep you –
I gave up booth-building
a long, long time ago.

Also Mama … Mama?

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2 Responses to Transfiguration, 2018

  1. Anne Cohen says:

    Stunning. Just lost my Mama. Found her here.

  2. Maren says:

    I am so sorry. May you find her (as I find mine) in wonderful unexpected times and ways.

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