Temptation, Mark 1:12-13

And Mark, who was first to write,
says — Jesus was tempted,
not listing any particular temptations,
and so, later, Matthew and Luke
power over food, glory,
and personal safety as good examples.

As a woman, I am more often
tempted by my need to be loved,
and protecting someone dear.

All six would have damaged the ministry.
I applaud Mark’s resisting the … temptation
to fill in the blanks,

because what I need for living
is that Jesus was tempted
and made it,
so whenever
the diva in the mind or
or the hound in the heart
sets as a trap,
I can make it, too,

and I will have as my companions,
animals and angels.

Traditional Site of the Temptation (taken through a bus window)

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9 Responses to Temptation, Mark 1:12-13

  1. Darla D Ledger says:

    LOVE this! Wonderful, Maren…and I like how it applies to ministry. 🙂

  2. Joyce Ray says:

    “diva in the mind or hound in the heart” – beautiful phrase. Thank you, Maren.

  3. beachtreeatthec@comcast.net says:

    Amen For the women’s temptations


    Sent from my iPhone


  4. Nancy Donovan says:

    For the women’s temptations

  5. Rosalie Sugrue says:

    This Lent I want to explore some hard questions with Christian friends. I’d decided to feel into the symbolic aspects of the Temptations and was mulling over Mark’s brevity when I read this. Your words will be pondered before mine this Sunday. Thank you

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