Cutting in Line Mark 2: 12 (also 1: 21-34; 40-5)

They are cutting in line –
you can just hear the murmurs,
under the breath
because being in a waiting room
is when everyone thinks
about how very sick they are,
or their child, friend, parent.

That’s just what they were thinking —
people who heard that Jesus
cured mental illnesses,
those acutely ill,
racked with fever and chills,
even a leper,
a chronic and terminal condition,

and the rest of multitudes –
multitudes needing urgent care.

So a whole city gathered
around the door,
when these four climbed to the roof,
ripped it open,
lowered the mat down.

Be assertive, squeaky wheel.
Don’t wait all day for test results.
Call again.
Call again and again.
Insist on the appointment.
Break the roof.

Jesus looked at the faces
full of faith, pushiness, entitlement,
and spoke of forgiveness.
The authorities objected
to his prescription,
but the one who was healed
just scrambled to get out of the way,
so aware of others waiting,

in the desperate triage of hope.

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One Response to Cutting in Line Mark 2: 12 (also 1: 21-34; 40-5)

  1. Stephen Price says:

    I love the line “the desperate triage of hope.”

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