Children of Syria — Mark 10:13-16 (out of order and not about baptism)

Children are running and crying
in Eastern Ghouta
beneath Bashar al Assad’s
rockets, barrel bombs, mortar fire,
in this last rebel suburb of Damascus.
They are held in arms —
bleeding red
against the agony of parents.

UN Secretary General Guterres
demands an end to “hell on earth,”

and his words echo
Jesus of Nazareth, indignant —
let my children escape –
for they are your truest kin.

Truly, I tell you
whoever targets little children,
and whoever watches impassive
from across the globe
will not enter the kindness of God.

And Jesus calls for them
to be lifted up
healing hands laid on them
and supplies getting through
to care for them.

Do you question my translation?
I forgot
the traditional word,
as translated into vintage English
is “suffer.”

It is what we do not want.
It is happening.
We act as if we are so far away.

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