Jesus’ Family Mark 3:19b-21; 31-35

The thing is that families are aggravating,
and so was Jesus’ family.
They wanted to restrain him,
they wanted not to be embarrassed by him,
they wanted him not to be hurt,
they wanted him to answer their calls
and put them first
when they went out of their way to visit.

Not much has changed.

The thing is that families are chosen,
and LGBTQI people
and survivors of incest
are not the only ones who know
that it’s not biology or who
changed diapers, drove to soccer practice,
but how a parent or sibling
lives and loves that really matters.

Not much has changed.
Both of these are true and yet …

knowing how he lived and died,
Jesus’ final statement may have been,
“Whoever does the will of God is my brother
and sister and mother …
as well as a lot more who try and fail.”

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