Lenten and Easter Hymns! a resource ahead

Joe Connelly, who was a member of A.S.C.A.P. as a lyricist (a lifetime before becoming a U.C.C. pastor and teacher, he says), has lyrics for two hymns that he is graciously sharing (please use with attribution). The first is often sung by the choir in his church as a response at the end of an Easter service and could as well be a sung response at the end of a funeral. The second could be Lenten or Easter — or chosen at another time in the year to keep us centered in our faith. 


Many thanks to John Stuart for this freely shared image

Break forth O beauteous Risen Light,
Announcing God’s salvation!
By grace the world is set aright
and made a new creation.
The deepest truth may now be told:
The bonds of death no longer hold!
God’s love through Christ now dawning
with each new day and morning.

© 2001 J. F. Connolly


The empty cross before us
does challenge and sustain,
A paradox, a symbol,
and thus it must remain.
For Christ both priest and prophet,
who died on Calvary,
Yet raised from death to free us—
God’s Triune mystery!

The empty cross an emblem,
embracing loss and gain,
Confronting our redemption
it sings God’s great refrain:
There is a new creation—
the world is set aright;
A promise of salvation
in Christ the risen light!

The empty cross bears witness
to God’s enduring grace.
For in the resurrection,
we know God’s loving face.
With goodness and with mercy,
in love we are set free:
Forgiving now, for ever,
for all eternity.

© 2006 J. F. Connolly

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