A new treatment plan Mark 8: 22-26

For those whose cancer has mutated
and it no longer responds
to the oral chemo that has been shrinking tumors,
for those whose long-trusted medications
for a mental diagnosis
are no longer working or are creating
terrible side effects,
and for all of us who need –
not just a second opinion but
a second chance, a new treatment plan,
Mark tells this story.

A person who had blindness
asked to be touched,
and Jesus touched them but
their eyesight was only partially improved.
“I see people, but like trees walking.”
Jesus touched them again —
it was, after all, what had been asked.
Then the person looked intently,
and saw everything clearly.

We do not know whether
that healing
was all about corneas and retinas,
or something else,
but we do know that Jesus kept trying –
touching and touching,
until it was enough.

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