Sunday guest post(s) — Larry Trent and Todd Jenkins

Two stories for Lent. For me, both about self-recognition which is, in part, what is precious about this season. The first is written by Larry Trent last week at the beginning of a visit to Mexico to study (make even more perfect) his Spanish.

This morning after a quick breakfast, I sat in the plaza with the rest of my coffee ( terrible coffee). I saw a man going from person to person asking for, I assumed, money. No one gave him anything. He came towards me. I said good morning to him. His face lit up. I invited him to sit down. We chatted for a few minutes. His name is Jose. He is from Cortez, Honduras. He left there 2 years ago going to USA. He tried to cross in Texas, was picked up by Border Patrol, spent time in detention and was deported.
He says things are so horrible in Honduras that he decided to come to Mexico to live. Never was clear how he ended up in Querétaro. What I do know is that life is not easy in Mexico for Central Americans.
I bought him some tacos and coffee at a stand across from the plaza. He sat on the bench beside me and ate them.
He caught me watching him and asked, “what?” I tried to explain to him that I was seeing and recognizing Jesus as he broke bread. He couldn’t understand what I was talking about. He just smiled.
The thing is I’m not sure he needed to understand. I was the one who needed to see Jesus.

PS: I did give him 20 pesos as I hurried off to my first day of class. And, I do realize I can’t take care of all of Mexico.

This poem is written by Todd Jenkins whose poetic blog Tuesday’s Muse is one of my personal blessings. Follow him here.


I grew up mostly with
a staunchly convinced
intellectual faith
until the day an inability
to wrap my brain around
the death of my mother
cracked my hard head
into fragments.

My heart caught all the pieces,
as they tumbled down,
and tenderly held them
until they could be reassembled.

Now, I spend my days sharing
stories of crumbled dreams
that have been resurrected
into pictures of hope;
images we never
could have fathomed
with our solidified minds
and plans alone.

© 2018 Todd Jenkins

Todd always posts a photograph with his blog this one is by Lee Lindsey McKinney.

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