Mark 10, Love, not like Hallmark

Mark talking Jesus talking love
is not nearly
as sweet or meme-able as John.

Love women
in a culture that throws them away.

Love children,
other people’s children,
as if they aren’t disposable.

Love the actual poor –
turn-out-your-pockets love,
late-for-the-rent love.

Love last place, rejection and loneliness;
fear them, you’ll ass-kiss the world.

Love being a servant, not just the theory.

Love the people
who desperately need healing,.
Let them get close –
in their stink and their joy.

Lord, that I might see!, from Art in the Christian Tradition. . Original source: Matyas Church, Budapest, Hungary  
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One Response to Mark 10, Love, not like Hallmark

  1. Thank you Maren. You have a way of putting us right in the mix.

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