Mark 12:1-12 Tenant Farming the Love of God

So there is a parable about tenant farming
and it always makes churches uncomfortable.

God creates a world for love
a fruitful place, well protected
with a pit for pressing grapes
and a tower for seeing the whole sky,
and leases it to, well, us.

And then God sends people
who should be given
God’s share of the abundance,
but it seems to us tenants
that we should keep it all.

And so we send away the hungry,
we send away the Dreamers,
we send away the queer,
and kill more than one who is transgendered.
There are so many more – the indigenous,
the poor, those with disabilities,
the homeless, those in prison.

Parables so often make people angry.
Mirrors do that —
where our eyes have seen the glory
of the coming of this word
and a trampling out in vintage,
when the grapes of hope are hoarded.

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2 Responses to Mark 12:1-12 Tenant Farming the Love of God

  1. Stephen Price says:

    Preach Sister, Preach.
    I have never turned the jewel of this parable to the Light quiet this way before. Now, I will never consider it again without this being part of my hearing. Thank you.

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