The view from my study window — Guest Post by William A. Deans

Glad to share this poem of the seasons of life by William A. Deans. A god piece to read with the singing of “I was there to hear your borning cry” by John Ylvisaker

“Time Falls Away.”

There are those moments in one’s life that are so intense, so exquisite, you want to hold them for all time…
but time falls away.
Your first encounter with the love that will complete your life, a chance glimpse of beauty and grace from across the room, every fiber of our being prays for this moment to last for all time…
but time falls away.
You stand before the altar pledging before God and everyone to love this amazing person who might have loved anyone but has chosen to love you, and you want this moment to be frozen in time…
but time falls away.
Early one morning you stand in the sterile atmosphere of a hospital holding the physical evidence of passion and love. This amazing child looks back at you in total innocence, devouring your heart, and you pray this moment might never end…
but time falls away.
One night you sit by a bedside crushed in spirit, wrapped in heartbreak. Somehow you must find the words to explain the unexplainable. Death has penetrated the sanctity of your home and taken your love child. It feels as though the grief of this moment will consume you forever…
but times falls away.
Additional children grace your home filling it with magic and mystery, wonder beyond measure. You long in your heart of hearts for this time to freeze itself in eternity…
but time falls away.
Days, months, and years come and go. Life threatening disease raises its ugly head threatening each one you hold dear. It dominates every conscious moment, driving you toward despair. It seems this terrible shadow will never leave your doorway…
but time falls away.
The profession which defined your identity fades into retirement, and the delight of travel comes front and center. You wish moments in the country-side of this place or that could go on forever…
but time falls away.
You wake up one day and realize that you have buried a generation which had marked your being; a brother, your parents, their brothers and sisters, and other whom you held close to your heart…
and time continues to fall away.
One night your heart erupts in pain, two stents and a heart procedure follow quickly, and in the blinking of an eye you are made undeniably aware that you, like time…
are subject to fall away.
A sage from yet another time long since fallen away, offered this truth, “This too shall pass.” It is in the very nature of life and death.
Time always and forever falls away.
(from his book — “Odyssey: a Journey, One Verse at a Time,” published in 2015)

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