Reluctant Gratitude, for Nashvile

God of peace, we give thanks –
for James Shaw who went out for waffles
on Nashville’s south side
and jumped a shooter — saving lives,
risking his own, burning his hands,

for first responders who go out again
and again into situations of danger,

for high school students
trying to be heard
above the karaoke of gun-money.

God, I would prefer it
if I never had to lift such gratitudes.

I would rather celebrate
Taurean, Joe, Deebony, Akila,
and all they might have given our world,
than mourn their loss.

God, in your mercy,
disarm us, in the midst of sorrow.

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2 Responses to Reluctant Gratitude, for Nashvile

  1. Jane Fisler Hoffman says:

    Thank you Maren. Our granddaughter attends Belmont U where one victim was a student. I am sending her this…

  2. Maren says:

    thank you. Obviously this is not an intercessory prayer or many others would be included, such as family, friends and classmates and the whole community.
    So much tragedy.

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