Butt-call prayers

I am grateful for butt-call prayers,
which, if I want to be honest,
some days are most of them.

So many times I am ambushed by beauty.

I spiritually scramble for the caring word,
or ask God to shut my mouth,
before I say the wrong one,
or to make a miracle
so that it could be retroactive.

I pray for a blessing, a healing, a hope,
a help, help, help,
suddenly desperately needed,

also, just as urgent, a need to tell
all my contacts,
this is not spam – I just love you all.

God, I am so deeply grateful
for every butt-call prayer.

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4 Responses to Butt-call prayers

  1. betsy says:

    Oh so am I! And grateful for you in my life!

  2. LL says:

    Oh, yeah . . .

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