Prayer when there are too many distractions

God, who notices the mustardseed,
a woman’s touch on the fringe of a garment,
a kid holding out a lunch bag to share,
keep me present to this day.

Invite natural beauty
to surprise me with the smell of wind —
is that rain coming, neighbor cooking,
pollen to wake the bees
and make me sneeze?
Invite natural beauty
to my skin and my tongue
in the touch of a leaf or dog fur,
the taste of pure water.

Remind me to notice people
behind laptops in a coffee shop,
behind a bakery counter,
sitting on the curb,
at a bus stop,
behind the wheel in a stopped car,
and wonder about them
and pray for them.

Let me read the one email that matters,
give money to someone on the street,
(without congratulating myself)
tell someone leaving the house
that I love them,
stop, wake up,
and then say it again and mean it.

Strip off the veneer of my distraction
and let me enjoy food,
read a few pages of a book,
watch a tv show, listen to a song,
take the bridge across the stream,
smile at a stranger,
open my heart to the news
remember again to pray —
the old prayer that shut up the disciples,
and something unexpected
that banks the fire for pentecost. amen

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1 Response to Prayer when there are too many distractions

  1. Rosalie Sugrue says:

    I love the thought of ‘banking the fire for pentecost’

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