Prayer for Hawaii

God, in a place of temblors and fissures,
of Kilauea’s great stirring,
fountains, flows, ashfall and gases,
tsunami and fear of tsunami,
walk as in the Garden story long ago,
one hand loving the earth,
one hand caring
for all your frightened people.

For those whose homes are lost,
especially those with no insurance,
for those without power,
for those whose roads are closed,
especially the road to Kapoho and Kalapana
for those whose schools are closed,
for those of Leilani and Lanipuna
for those evacuated
to Pahoa and Keaau centers,
we pray, O God.

For those fearful of the next explosion,
feeling their future shake
like the ground beneath their feet
we pray, O God.

For the young and the old,
for those with long history
in this island that grows by upheaval
and those who’ve made new homes here,
and even for risk-takers with cell phones,
we pray, O God.

For rescue workers and scientists
of the Volcano Observatory
for the gentle and the guiders
and the guessers with wisdom –
whose wisdom is to warn
that there is no predicting
an explosion at Halemaumau Crater,
another fissure, waves, the speed of magma,
the flinging of boulders, spewing of gases
the timeline in days
of what lies deep in the earth,
and for officials of the government,
people of churches,
friends and family of other islands
and the mainland,
we pray, O God.

Walk here on your big island
with soft feet, gentle wind
and the loving for one another
you put within our hearts.

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