Palestinian Christians — Guest post, Carol Hallman

They have been there
Since the beginning
Even before
The winds began to blow
And the flames danced
And the Spirit came

They were there

When the various powers
And principalities

            Greeks and Romans
                The Byzantines
                     The crusaders-Muslim and Christian

Empires and battles

They were there

When the British came
And the Balfour Declaration
They were there
70 years ago
They were forced
To leave their lands
Their homes

Many now live
In refugee camps
Behind barbed wire
And Grafitti’d walls
Hoping praying
That someday
They will have
The right of return

On the walls
These words
“We cannot live
          So we wait to die”

When there is
No hope
There is often
No fear
And where there
Is no fear
And no hope
There is often no faith

Yet I believe
There is no
Other choice
But God
No other option
But faith
If we are to
Find our way

To an equitable

The only other
Isn’t an
Option worth

Looking at
The long arc
Of history
We see
That in time
The empires
Fall and the
People and the

They remain

(Photo: Public Domain/CC0 1.0)

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6 Responses to Palestinian Christians — Guest post, Carol Hallman

  1. Maren, This is a compelling piece. You are so gifted. I am wondering if I could include this on my blog. I would love to feature you as a guest blogger.

    • Maren says:

      Kathy, I would love to be a guest blogger some time on your blog. Do let me know. You do realize that this piece is my Thursday weekly guest post by remarkable poet Carol Hallman?

      • Yes, I did notice that after I sent my comment to you. But I am so glad you are willing to be a guest blogger on my blog. We will do that soon, or whenever you write something you would like to share. Thank you. Do you follow my blog? It’s at in case you want to peruse it.

  2. Maren says:

    I have enjoyed your blog, knowing you earlier more from issues of violence before this.

  3. Nathaniel C. Emens says:

    Great Words. I have been to the Holy Land twice. My last guide was an Arab, Palestinian, Christian and I learned a lot about Jesus and at the same time saw the terrible treatment
    of the Palestinians.

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