Prayer for Habana, Cuba

Send your sweet, sweet Spirit
of tenderness and comfort
upon all who mourn family members and friends,
church delegates from a Nazarene conference,
tourists and crew members from Mexico
after the plane crash at Jose Marti airport.

Breathe into this Pentecost with healing,
and the story in every language
that death is redeemed
and hope is our heritage
for these your beloved children
and for all the world. amen

(Some things should not “come down” and among them are airplanes. In honor of those who died and the three survivors fighting for life, I will refrain from “come down” language liturgically this day –not because it is bad in any way but because I then can remember them.)

Thank you Lucy Berrios  Taverasfor a translationOremos por Havana, Cuba

Envianos tu dulce, dulce Espiritu
De ternura y consuelo
Sobre todos que estan de luto por sus familiares y amigos fallecidos,
delegados de la iglesia de una conferencia Nazarena, turistas y tripulantes de Méjico despues del accidente aéreo en el aeropuerto José Martí

Sopla sanidad en esta día de Pentecostés y el mensaje en todos los idiomas que la muerte es redimida y la esperanza es herencia para estos tus queridos hijos/hijas y para el mundo entero. Amen.

(Algunas cosas no deberian “caer” y entre ellos los aviones. En honor a los que fallecieron y los tres sobrevivientes que luchan por la vida, me abstendré de usar el lenguaje litúrgico en este día, no porque sea de alguna manera malo, sino porque asi los recordare).

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2 Responses to Prayer for Habana, Cuba

  1. Jackie nowak says:

    Thank you, Maren, for prayers which lift each tragedy highlighted in the news. I am reminded of Karl Barth’s advice to pray with the Bible in one hand and a newspaper in another. The prayers you send, remind me also of the need to pray for all the nameless, faceless people in need of God’s presence. We call it kerplunk praying and do an endless amount these days. God’s blessings, Jackie Nowak

    The Rev. Dr. Jacqueline Nowak Director, The Blessing Center Sent from my iPhone


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