Sophia — poem for worship from Aotearoa

I continue to be unwilling to let Pentecost go … our so-easy avoidance of the Spirit’s call.

Rosalie Sugrue writes:
Pentecost fell on the date our parish holds its annual ‘Women’s Fellowship Special Project Service’ (a service led by women with a guest speaker promoting a national worthy cause, plus a powerpoint or speaker promoting a particular Christian World Service endeavour. This year the NZ cause is Pillars, an organisation that supports the kids of prisoners. The CWS project is assisting Aids orphans in Uganda. So, I had to juggle celebrating Pentecost, women, and two diverse projects. And, pay tribute to 2 very talented Christian women in our region (Jillian Bray died recently. She writes beautiful hymn music  inspired by Shirley Murray’s wonderful lyrics)! Somehow I coped!


I am Wisdom, as old as time and as fresh as tomorrow,
I rippled the waters when the earth was without form,
I am the inseparable feminine aspect of the Creator,
With the breath of life I entered the human being;
WE are the God who rejoices when all was good.

I am Pentecost, vibrant as fire and as strong as words,
I am as invisible as the wind and as powerful as Love,
I am everywhere and nowhere, my nature is nurture,
Looking will not find me – I am discerned by hearing;
WE are the God who rejoices when all will be good.

I am as Ruah, the indefinable breath of God,
I whisper in the minds of the newborn,
I prime the soul and nudge the conscience,
I invoke the awe that prompts human response;
WE are the God who rejoices when all is good.

Then God said, ‘Let us make humankind in our image,
According to our likeness…’ (Genesis 1:26)
…and indeed it was very good. (Genesis 1:31)

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