I’ve been thinking about Roseanne’s tweet

I‘ve been thinking about Roseanne’s tweet,
Psalm 8, and the comedy of hope.

There is this glory that children see
and it is about God’s fingers

that touch the moon and the stars,
then human beings that look like angels
and care for all creatures,
birds and fish, wild animals and tamed,
and the air and sea and land
that sustains them.

And I laugh — deep as my angel toes,
wide as my old fingers
that just fit
in the gardening gloves of God.

I believe the comedienne who lost her way
because she thought racism and funny
were related
has not yet learned to say —

The morning sun and Fajr –
they have children.
this vulnerable planet
and the activists that protect it —
they have children.

Those whose gift is humor
and those whose sorrows or loneliness,
elevated blood pressure, stress,
or cancer treatments
need laughter for healing –
are giving birth to joy
in belly laugh, pun-giggle,
the satire of self-recognition,
and a tickle or poke of angel wings,

and that can never be cancelled.

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1 Response to I’ve been thinking about Roseanne’s tweet

  1. Glen says:

    The odds of winning at roulette depend on the bet.

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