So I will give you some Bible (eve of World Refugee Day)

I hear Obed and he is crying for his Mami,
and his Nana, too,
and Naomi has more bitter
than she has ever known,
and Ruth is wailing,
like a many times broken woman.

But this is a time of the judges,
a time of no tolerance,
and Ruth is the worst kind of immigrant.

So in this version of scripture,
the Goliaths rampage on,
there are no psalms,
and nobody ever goes to Bethlehem,
because it isn’t the city
of anyone special,

and perhaps
the many, many grandbaby
of the immigrant woman
is not born.

We pity this week the children
in their warehouses and walmarts.

Let us pity, too, the United States
that is turning away
all these great and amazing gifts,
unimaginable lights
for people walking in darkness.

If you have a heart,
weep for the children and parents.
If you do not have a heart,
at least weep
for the empty in your future.

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10 Responses to So I will give you some Bible (eve of World Refugee Day)

  1. darla ledger says:

    Oh my, Maren, …and yes. The last lines…

  2. Stephen Price says:

    This is heartbreaking, and dead on. Thank you for voicing so much of their, and our, pain.

  3. Rosalie Sugrue says:

    I had just begun crafting a sermon on Oded and Ruth when this arrived on my screen – coincidence? The world is appalled by the actions of Donald Trump, heartbroken for the fate of the traumatised families, and sad for all Americans knowing these actions do not reflect American values. The world cares and people everywhere are speaking up and praying for compassion.

  4. Maren says:

    I am so very grateful — it is truly a nightmare here!

  5. Obed Vizcaíno says:


    Niños y niñas enjaulados, separados cruelmente de sus padres, exibidos, humillados y maltratados, violando sus derechos, esa es la solución de un imperio, y de las lacayas democracias continentales cómplices, que nada ven, ni oyen ni dicen.

    Niños y niñas enjaulados, la ONU no se da por aludida, la OEA mira para otro lado para no ver la injusticia el cristianismo del Klux klux klan, de las supremacías blancas, del neo nazismo y sionismo que los gobiernos democráticos aplauden y apoyan.

    Niños y niñas enjaulados, el imperio les humilla y hace con ellos y ellas lo que quiere, suyas son las armas, suyo el poder, suyo el dinero, por siempre y para siempre.

    Niños y niñas enjaulados, el odio es el estandarte, la discriminación su filosofia, en Trump confían, destino manifiesto que proclama un protestantismo hipócrita, del fariseismo moderno.

    Niños y niñas enjaulados, cometieron el vil delito de nacer pobres,desamparados, indígenas, latinos, sin derechos ni gobiernos que les defiendan.

    Niños y niñas enjaulados, ya el imperio muestra abiertamente sus garras y afilados colmillos, como lobo sanguinario, cruelmente depredador como genocida sin compasion, desconociendo dignidad y derechos fundamentales.

    Niños y niñas enjaulados, la gran prensa calla, Enmudecen los Comités de Derechos Humanos, Almagro es ciego selectivo, nadie dice nada, ni CNN, UPI o REUTERS, hay mucho dinero de por medio, mucha publicidad que vender, muchas conciencias compradas.

    Niños y niñas enjaulados, son una amenaza para el imperio, es más importante el fútbol, está comenzando el mundial, es más urgente tumbar a Maduro y a Ortega.

    Niños y niñas enjaulados, que molestan al emperador, nadie se conmueve, son sólo niños y niñas, campesinos, indígenas, pobres y muertos de hambre.

    Niños y niñas enjaulados, no son problema de la ONU, ni de la OEA ocupación, para el servil Almagro, no son Venezuela ni Nicaragua, hay cosas más importantes y urgentes que denunciar, no son Lula ni Correa.

    Niños y niñas enjaulados, a quien les importa unos niños y niñas indigenas o campesinos, la gran prensa tiene otras cosas de las cuales hablar, se casó el príncipe Harry, Leticia de España no se habla con la reina madre.

    Niños y niñas enjaulados, la CIDH se va a pronununciar dirá que en Venezuela y Nicaragua no hay una verdadera democracia, de los niños y niñas enjaulados por Trump nada dirá.

    Rev. Obed Juan Vizcaíno Nájera Maracaibo – Venezuela 20 de Junio 2018.

    El mar, jun 19, 2018 12:54 PM, Gifts in Open Hands escribió:

    > Maren posted: “I hear Obed and he is crying for his Mami, and his Nana, > too, and Naomi has more bitter than she has ever known, and Ruth is > wailing, like a many times broken woman. But this is a time of the judges, > a time of no tolerance, and Ruth is the worst” >

  6. Maren says:

    Translation (mechanical from Google Translate of Obed’s comment:

    Boys and girls in cages, cruelly separated from their parents, exposed, humiliated and mistreated, violating their rights, that is the solution of an empire, and of the lackey continental democracies accomplices, who see nothing, hear or say.

    Children in cages, the UN is not taken for granted, the OAS looks away to see the injustice the Christianity of the Klux Klux Klan, white supremacias, neo-Nazism and Zionism that democratic governments applaud and support.

    Boys and girls in cages, the empire humbles them and makes them what they want, theirs are the weapons, theirs the power, theirs the money, forever and ever.

    Boys and girls caged, hatred is the standard, discrimination their philosophy, in Trump trust, manifest destiny proclaiming a hypocritical Protestantism, modern phariseeism.

    Children in cages, committed the vile crime of being born poor, homeless, indigenous, Latino, without rights or governments to defend them.

    Boys and girls in cages, already the empire openly shows its claws and sharp fangs, like bloodthirsty wolf, cruelly predator like genocida without compassion, ignoring dignity and fundamental rights.

    Children in cages, the big press is silent, the Human Rights Committees are silent, Almagro is selective blind, nobody says anything, or CNN, UPI or REUTERS, there is a lot of money involved, a lot of publicity to sell, many consciences bought.

    Children in cages are a threat to the empire, football is more important, the world cup is beginning, it is more urgent to knock down Maduro and Ortega.

    Children in cages, who bother the emperor, nobody is moved, they are only boys and girls, peasants, indigenous, poor and starving.

    Children in cages are not a problem of the UN or of the OAS occupation, for the servile Almagro, they are not Venezuela or Nicaragua, there are more important and urgent things to denounce, they are not Lula nor Correa.

    Boys and girls caged, who cares about indigenous children or peasants, the big press has other things to talk about, Prince Harry married, Leticia from Spain does not talk to the queen mother.

    Children in cages, the IACHR is going to say that in Venezuela and Nicaragua there is no real democracy, nothing of the children caged by Trump will say.

  7. Rosalie Sugrue says:

    2 Chronicles 28:8-15

  8. Maren says:

    It has been so long since I read Chronicles that I totally forgot that!

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