Retreats to Go — Twelve Creative Programs that Renew and Refresh

Let’s go on retreat!
Retreats to Go: Twelve Creative Programs that Renew and Refresh
by Susan J. Foster is a new book that I had the pleasure to be a beta reader, do a bit of coaching and write the foreword.

“Retreats to Go” by Susan J. Foster is a new book that offers everything you need to plan your next retreat. Each Scripture-based theme includes resources for ice breakers, music, quotes, small and large group activities, reflection questions, worship materials, and craft ideas. Designed for those who wish to lead retreats but may not have time for research and planning, this helpful guide offers engaging, easy-to-use programs for adults and older teens. The flexible format can be used for a weekend retreat, a day away, or weekly study group gatherings. In fact you can pick and choose activities, worship resources, biblical passages, even games.
You can order a copy direct from the publisher ($24): It’s also going to be available on ($30) in September.
If you would like help planning your next retreat or would like Sue to lead a retreat or workshop for your group, please email her at

Let me add a little to the publisher’s information from the end of my foreword to show you how practical this is!

“There are some very specific gifts.

Sue gives detailed content in a mix and match layout so that a retreat planner can use each of the twelve themes at any different length. She also provides general guidelines and specific advice on the retreat format itself so that a reader can choose a completely different theme or scripture and create unique content following her pattern.

Sue also understands long ministry in one congregation, and addresses the need of former participants for an experience to be “just as good as last year,” and the need of newcomers to be immediately included so they do not feel like outsiders.

Sue creates an environment that is safe for introverts, fun for extroverts and compassionate for all. By encouraging a team process for retreat planning, she also leaves a blessing possibility open. Even while being responsible for leadership and caretaking of participants, the pastor, lay leader or faith formation director who coordinates the event also can be renewed and refreshed. We all know what it is to need a retreat!”

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