Children’s Song for Mark 6: 1-13 “Welcome” from Aotearoa

Lynne Frith writes “I’ve been a bit inactive on the writing front, but today came up with a brief song for Sunday 8 July, to use after talking with the children about welcome and hospitality(Mark 6:1-13).

We will follow the song with greeting each other and welcoming visitors.

Here it is, sung to the tune “Hush-a-bye-baby”. (United States “Rock a-Bye-Baby”) It would be simple enough to add other verses, by changing lines 3 and 4, to further describe who we might be welcoming e.g if you’ve taken a bus, or travelled by car…..

Welcome to all,
Whoever you are,
If you live near
Or have come from afar.
We’re glad to meet you,
To see your face,
And now we greet you,
Sharing God’s grace.

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3 Responses to Children’s Song for Mark 6: 1-13 “Welcome” from Aotearoa

  1. Barbara VanAusdall says:

    God works so fluidly through your posts, Maren. I was about to prepare for children’s time as soon as I checked out email, and there was Lynne’s song and a natural way to have our children start our greeting time. Perfect!!! Thank you and thank you, Lynne!!!

  2. Maren says:

    I will be using it, too, Barbara.

  3. smstrouse says:

    I’m going to use it, too. Thanks!!!

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