Mongkohl — for Tham Luang cave

I just heard his name
the mother says, and it is what we all say,

we who are waiting near and far away
during this rescue of the Wild Boars footballers
from Mai Sei,

and everyone who waits in the rain
for the life of a child, a friend.

I just heard his name,

and that is always our prayer –
and it lifts up the rescuers and supporters,
in every kind of danger,
every fear, every loss,
in the great unknowings of love.

For eight boys and their coach
in Tham Luang cave,
for Saman Gunan and the gift of his life,

for the four rescued today,
the hopes of tomorrow, the next day,
the longings for all our children.

We say — Mongkhol –
and claim for hope those not yet saved.

One mother, pieta,
and all the resurrection.

(Photo by Linh Pham/Getty Images)

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1 Response to Mongkohl — for Tham Luang cave

  1. Joyce Ray says:

    Beautiful. Love the ending claiming holiness.

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