We are the Socks

One of my favorite summer pastimes is reading books that were given to me for Christmas. You see, I read a lot of books, but mostly I read … fiction and mostly I read, I will readily admit it, science fiction and fantasy and a few mysteries, too. The library practically holds things I will want to read and my list is long.

However, friends often give me “worthwhile” books, books that they feel I should really read — theology and mission books, poetry and social justice books. And I read them in the summer. When everyone else diverts to “beach reads,” I find the time to read some serious pieces, the kind of books that take — read, think, read, take a walk, read, think some more.

How embarrassing it was to discover that I received “We are the Socks” two Christmases ago, not just this last year. Thanks again to Bill and Mary Beth Mankin who gave it to me and to Lance and Christine Muteyo who are among the dedicatees.

It’s wonderful. If you are engaged in peacemaking, if you have a church reading group that would like to discuss international mission, if you want to be challenged to blessed and ordinary acts of kindness, and if you want to be filled with ideas for workshops in the future (watch out because those who are in my next workshop will become caretakers of eggs … and just maybe play soccer), then you should read a copy of this book. I read it as fast as I read John Scalzi (and a lot more deeply)!

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6 Responses to We are the Socks

  1. mbmankin says:

    Good morning, Maren. How great to see We Are the Socks featured today! Unfortunately, your photo is of a different Dan Buttry — an easy web mistake to make — a professor in the school of Molecular Science at Arizona State University. To see a photo of the author Dan Buttry, go to danbuttry.com. This Dan Buttry is “Global Consultant for Peace and Justice Ministries” for American Baptist Churches – USA and does important training of younger peacemakers.

    So appreciative of your work!! Mary Beth


  2. Jane Fisler Hoffman says:

    If haven’t seen Susan Thistlethwaite’s two mysteries check them out!!

  3. Maren says:

    Fixed it. Thanks! (I had mentioned the book earlier this year as well but no photo.

  4. Elaine says:

    Science fiction and fantasy have been a staple in my reading for years. I have loved the huge series by David Eddings (it’s fifteen books I think) that starts with the first set of five, the Belgariad.

  5. Maren says:

    So do i!! I don’t know anyone else whose read them. I tried some of his others and they never quite clicked for me but those are “repeaters.”

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