Prayer for the elections in Zimbabwe, July 30, 2018

Joy in the streets of Harare, Nov. 2017

There is a week until the elections in Zimbabwe. Please pray for this so beautiful, so battered country. The world rejoiced with citizens dancing in the street in Harare last November when Mugabe left office. His near-endless violent incumbency in office did little to change the repressive white-minority-led leadership that preceded it. God’s people live lives of constant courage.

Pray daily. Pray through the elections themselves that they may be fair. Pray that post-election violence not erupt in new tragedies.

Hear us, God,
hear the longing prayers of Shona, of Ndebele,
of thirteen other languages, also mine –
for we lift up Zimbabwe,

praying for peace in the streets,

for the honest campaigning
of Nelson Chamisa and Emmerson Mnangagwa,
for Mandhuku, Khupe, so many others.

for fears of B.V.R technology,
dangers of ghost voters, tampering,
and intimidation.

We pray for Kofi Annan and the Elders
as they observe in city and country.

We pray for a future free
of human rights violations, torture,
currency devaluation,

and for new possibilities of employment,
care-giving of land, planting of trees,
return of tourism, and
reconciliation among factions.

We lift up Zimbabwe –
from the mahogany of the highlands
to the baobab of the lowlands,
from Matobo Hills, to Victoria Falls,
from the heart’s repairing
of many ancient ruined cities
to the hope-repairing
of Harare and Bulewayo,
Mutare, Gweru, Chitungwiza.

In the week to come –
may justice roll down like the Zambezi,
and right deeds like the Limpopo.

Amani Milele, peace forever.
And may all the world say, amen.

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