COPD Protocol (as applied to the Resistance)

Act on the exhale.
Inhale. Act on the exhale.

I am taking my lung health in my hands.
I don’t know about shredding ginger
for homemade tea,
but I’m all over pineapple,
grapefruit and kale.

And I’m sure I can exercise
an hour a day,

also avoid people who say,
“I am just so sick but I came in anyway
because you need my input.”

I’m getting to it,
the thing that works for the resistance,
as well as for us who carry the death
smoking brings,
even after forty years quit.

It’s diaphragmatic breathing exercises.
I search the web for them
and find them with names
like “Funky-chicken” and “No-way,”
“The Wave” and “Butterfly.”

Learn to do nothing
and inhale
and then exhale all that activism
you get from the inhale.

The only exercise where you
act on every inhale and every exhale,
is called, “The Saints Go Marching In,”
and (correct me, if I am wrong)
that’s a song
about people who give everything
and also are dead.

Thanks to the Lone Star College-Kingwood Occupational Therapy Assistant Program, Class of 2010. for these exercises — if you have COPD you can find them on You Tube

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