I am a Protestant.
I am a low-church Protestant,
I am a won’t-wear-a-collar-don’t-call-me Rev
Protestant clergywoman,
I am a give-Communion-to-everyone,
(milk bone in my pocket
if you come in with a support dog) Protestant,

and I think Francis of Argentina,
Francis who lives in a small apartment
in the Vatican,
won’t ride in the fancy car,
or wear the really spectacular outfits,
and, at least now, acts with speed
to remove abusive clergy —

that Francis
was speaking full-on ex cathedra
about the death penalty,

and that God whispered to him –
this is the way to make something infallible
in these days –
put it in the catechism.

Teach my children.

(I would like to note that I am in no way “dissing” folks who wear collars as a part of their self understanding of call, only pointing out that I might be the least likely person to celebrate statements by Pope Francis and I am praising God for him this week)

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6 Responses to Pope-Praise

  1. kranerde@aol.com says:

    Yes! and thank you! Ellie Kraner

  2. Yeah honestly it’s all turned upside down, in a way. More conservative Catholics aren’t the happiest (I know that because I’m Catholic). I’m thankful though!!!

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