School beginning — Guest Post by Canadian Richard Bott, with the smiling faces of Eli and Griffin Groggett

Eli and Griffin Groggett went to school for the first time! Mom is Dee Ledger, UCC pastor in Bethesda, Maryland. Dad, Frank, watches his boys from the precious cloud of witnesses.

Thanks to Richard Bott for this prayer for the beginning of school. For some in the US that’s been three weeks ago, and some just yesterday, but for all beginnings and hopings and the true joy of education we give thanks. I spoke with a young man about his dreams of an education yesterday. While he is in an incarcerated setting he is working on HISET — his high school equivalency degree. Though certainly twenty years older than these twins, there was the same joy in his eyes.

across the land there are thousands
upon thousands,
upon thousands of students,
rolling out of bed this morning,
greeting the day
with the knowledge that they are
heading into a new academic year.
From the kindergartners who are going for
their first day,
to the post-grads working on dissertations,
from the new high school students,
to the new theologs,
from students excited, to students bored,
to students scared,
they are your beloved learners.
I pray for their learning and their sharing,
I pray for their hope and their safety,
I pray that this year, and all years,
they will have times of joy and wonder
and surprise about what they are learning –
about the world around them,
and about themselves.

And, Holy One?
A great “Alleluia! Thanks be!”
for all the teachers and professors,
support staff and administrators,
the people who create the places
where learning is the order of the day –
especially the ones stepping into
*their* first day!

Hold them all in your wisdom,
hold them all in your love.


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2 Responses to School beginning — Guest Post by Canadian Richard Bott, with the smiling faces of Eli and Griffin Groggett

  1. Darla D Ledger says:

    Oh, my Frank would love this! Thank you, Maren, for including us…and please thank Richard for his words/prayer!

  2. Maren says:

    Yes, I certainly will! Thank you so much.

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