Thanksgiving prayer for India

God, I pray with joy for India,
land of so many faiths
lifting lives into your presence
and weaving the traditions of many centuries
into an abundance of marigolds,
lights in all darknesses,
and the pigments of Holi,
become the colors of the rainbow.

I confess with every English word
I speak and write —
law three-seven-seven
and its reaching out from the colonizing
by people who speak like I do
to damage lives
for a hundred and fifty years.

I give thanks for its removing
and for the struggles of gay and lesbian,
transgender and bisexual people
who are Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist,
Christian, Sikh, Jain to make it so,

and pray grace on work to come –
in the spirit of my faith ancestor Thomas
who said, in time of danger,
“ Let us also go.”

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2 Responses to Thanksgiving prayer for India

  1. Elisa says:

    This is wonderful! Thank you! It brought tears to my eyes.

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