Prayer of the Wounded Woman (for Day of Prayer for the Latin American Woman)

Written for this particular remembrance and commemoration, the Prayer of the Wounded Woman is for all days and all continents to remind us that the love of God stands with women in the face of abuse. Thanks to the Red Crearte site for sharing these words and to Katie Fiegenbaum for the translation.

Prayer of the wounded woman

I am wounded, Lord
I was wounded inside of my home,
the place that, once, was my protection.
It became my martyrdom.
Pain, suffering and violence overtook me,
the arms that should have hugged me, injured me.

I am wounded, Lord, physically and mentally.
I suffered with inequality, when it entered my house,
Lord, made in your image and likeness.
I was reduced to inferiority.
The man who I once loved,
he turned against me,
denying I am a temple of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus, show the men
that You were friend of women during your time,
curing the women with hemorrages,
the daughter of Jairus, the Phoenician woman;
speaking with the Samaritan woman
and with the adulturous woman,
treating them with respect and love.

Lord, you are like a mother
sheltering her baby in her lap, I ask you:
Welcome me into your arms,
for I want to feel secure and appreciated.
Treat my wounds, Lord.
I want the scars that I carry in my body
to remind me of a past that will not return.

Restore my self-esteem, Lord.
I want to pursue my life with a raised head,
remembering that I was made in your image and likeness,
and that I am loved by You.
Give me the water of life that you gave to the Samaritan woman,
to wash my wounds, restore my emotions
and reestablish my dignity,
and thus invite my friends
to know The One who dialogues,
protects, includes, forgives, loves, saves.

Pres. Anita Sue Wright Torres
Adapted by Simony Cristina dos Anjos
Taken from liturgical material sent by AIPRAL
to celebrate the Day of Prayer for the Latin American woman (November 14, 2018)

Oración de la mujer herida

Estoy herida, Señor
Fui herida dentro de mi hogar,
lugar que, otrora, era mi protección.
Se volvió mi martirio.
Dolor, sufrimiento y violencia me alcanzaron,
los brazos que debían abrazarme, me hirieron

Estoy herida, Señor, física y mentalmente.
Yo sufrí con la desigualdad, cuando esta entró en mi casa,
Señor, hecha a tu imagen y semejanza.
Fui rebajada a la inferioridad.
El hombre que una vez amé,
se volvió en contra de mí,
que soy templo del Espíritu Santo.

Jesús, muestra a los hombres
que Tu fuiste amigo de las mujeres de tu tiempo,
curando a la mujer con hemorragias,
a la hija de Jairo, a la mujer sirofenicia;
dialogando con la mujer samaritana
y con la mujer adúltera,
tratándolas con respeto y amor.

Señor, que eres comparable a una madre
que resguarda a su bebe en su regazo, te pido:
Recíbeme en tus brazos,
pues quiero sentirme segura y apreciada.
Trata mis heridas, Señor.
Quiero que las cicatrices que llevo en mi cuerpo
me recuerden un pasado que no se volverá a repetir.

Restaura mi autoestima, Señor.
Quiero seguir mi vida con la cabeza erguida,
recordando que fui hecha a tu imagen y semejanza,
y que soy amada por Ti.
Dame del agua de vida que diste a la mujer samaritana,
para lavar mis heridas, restaurar mis emociones
y restablecer mi dignidad,
y así invitar a mis amigos y amigas
a conocer a Aquel que dialoga,
resguarda, incluye, perdona, restaura, ama, salva.

Pres. Anita Sue Wright Torres
adaptada por Simony Cristina dos Anjos
Tomado del material litúrgico enviado por AIPRAL
para celebrar el Día de Oración por la mujer latinoamericana (14 de noviembre de 2018)

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